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Bill Payment

Bill Payment (Urban)

Bill Payment (Rural)

Prepaid Recharge (Genus Meters)

Smart Meter Prepaid Recharge

Connection Services

Nivesh Mitra Portal for Commercial and Industrial Connection

Jhatpat Portal for Domestic Connection

Apply for New Connection for PTW

(Video for How to apply PTW connection online under full deposit scheme )
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For any Kind of Electricity Problem Call us On 1912 or Tweet @PuVVNLHQ

Right to Information

EPF Code


Format of PBG for Vendors under Solar Rooftop Scheme

MNRE Rooftop Solar Program Phase-II

ADB Project LoI and Agreements

LOA of Substation Manpower

UPPCL Raid Portal

UPPCL Janhit Guarantee Yojna

Exception Filling if No Downloaded Billing (YouTube Video)


RURAL SCHEDULE w.e.f. 21-02-2021 to 31-03-2021

TEHSIL HQ and NAGAR PANCHAYAT SUPPLY SCHEDULE w.e.f. 21-02-2021 to 31-03-2021         



Welcome... to the Web Site of Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited. This site aims to promote a new interface between the Nigam and its valued consumers. It is our firm belief that value addition to the site content with passage of time will bring both of us closer still.

We have added the RTI through which our valued consumers get benifited. Publication of Tenders over the web is yet another example of our continued efforts to make best use of the World-Wide-Web technology.

This Website also includes informaltion about all concerning officers of PuVVNL, Details of Division, Our Distribution Network, Tarrif, other Commercial rules and formats
are also available here.

 It will be highly appreciated if we could receive your valuable feedback and suggestions as to how this site could be made more useful.

ARR Petition FY 2024-25:

     - 1. PuVVNL ARR Petition_FY2024-25_DSC

     - 2. PuVVNL MYT FORMATS for ARR FY24-25_30.11.2023 DSC

     - 3. PuVVNL Balance Sheet FY 2022-23

     - 4. PuVVNL_Datagap-1 reply dtd 27.03.2024

     - 5. PuVVNL_Datagap-2 reply dtd 12.06.2024

     - 6. UPERC Admittance Order dtd 10.06.2024

     - 7. PuVVNL Public Notice FY2024-25 - English Version

     - 8. PuVVNL Public Notice FY2024-25 - Hindi Version


List of Engineers working under PuVVNL, Varanasi.

1. Substation wise Varanasi Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

2. Substation wise Gorakhpur Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

3. Substation wise Mirzapur Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

4. Substation wise Prayagraj Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

5. Substation wise Azamgarh Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

6. Substation wise Basti Zone JEs Mobile Nos.

7. Seniority list of Administrative officer in CZE.

Composition of CSR Committee.

Tariff Order FY 2023-24

Public Notice Hindi_FY 2023-24.

Public Notice English_FY 2023-24.

Balance Sheet 2023-24-Q4

Financial Statement of Quarter-4 FY 2022-23.

Financial Statement of FY 2022-23

Financial Statement of Q1 FY 2023-24

Financial Statement of Q2 FY 2023-24

Financial Statement of Q3 FY 2023-24

Public Hearing Notice for Tariff Hearings on Dated April 10, 2023.

Public advertisement-PuVVNL FY 2023-24 English.

Public advertisement-PuVVNL FY 2023-24 Hindi.

Reply to 3rd Data Gap-PuVVNL.

Reply to 4th Data Gap-PuVVNL

Reply to TVS(Technical Validation Session)-PuVVNL.

Reply to 1st Data Gap-PuVVNL

Reply to 2nd Data Gap-PuVVNL

TRUE-UP FY 2021-22, APR FY 2022-23 & ARR FY 2023-24-PuVVNL Petition

Financial Statement of Quarter-3 FY 2022-23

Blacklisting of M/s Orion Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Balance Sheet Quarter 1 for the period from 01-04-2022 to 30-06-2022

Balance Sheet Quarter 2 for 2022-2023

Balance Sheet Financial Year 2021-2022

Tariff Order for FY 2022-23

Rate Schedule for FY 2022-23

Worst & Best performing Zone/ Circles/ Divisions in MOU parameters

PuVVNL Balance Sheet Of  Q4(Provisional And Un audited) Financial Year 2021-22

Schedule of Public Hearing for determination of ARR/Tariff of FY 2022-23, APR for FY 2021-22 & True-Up for FY 2020-21 dated 22 June 2022, 11:00 AM onwards

Notice for public hearing and Instructions dated 22 June 2022 (Wednesday), 11 AM Onwards

ARR Petition FY 2022-23:

     - PuVVNL - ARR Petition FY-2022-23 dated 08.03.2022

     - Reply to 1st Data Gap-PUVVNL Varanasi-dated 11.04.2022

     - Annexure of 1st Data Gap -PUVVNL Varanasi

     - Reply to 2nd Data Gap - PUVVNL Varanasi-dated 22.04.2022

     - Technical Validation Session MOM Dated-18.04.2022

     - Admittance order UPERC -PUVVNLDiscom

     - MYT Formats for FY23-PUVVNL

     - Audited Balance Sheet PuVVNL 2020-21

     - Public Notice PuVVNL _FY2022-23_Hindi

     - Public Notice PuVVNL_FY2022-23_English

     - Reply on MoM TVS dated 18.04.2022 Puvvnl

     - Reply on MoM TVS dated -PuVVNL 18.04.2022 Annexures

     - Reply to 4th Data Gap with Annexures

     - Reply to 5th Data Gap -PUVVNL

     - Reply to 6th Data Gap -PUVVNL

     - Reply to 7th Data Gap  - PUVVNL

     - Public Query Reply -PUVVNL

     - Tariff Rationalisation- PuVVNL

     - Reply to 8th Data Gap -PuVVNL

     - Response to Stakeholders Queries

     -Reply of Public Queries-PuVVNL Varanasi

Tariff Order FY 2021-22

Rate Schedule FY 2021-22 (English)

Rate Schedule FY 2021-22 (Hindi)

Details of Different Capacity Distribution and Power Transformers Procured in PuVVNL in Last 5 Years

Details of Single and Three Phase Meters Procured in PuVVNL in Last 5 Years


Schedule Instructions for Public Hearing

Details regarding additional subsidy

Revision in computation of regulatory assets

Replies of MOM on Technical Validation Session dt. 01st April 2021

Revised PPT as per Techical Validation Session Discussions

Annexures- Replies on MOM on TVS

PuVVNL ARR 1st Data Gap Reply (Manually Signed)

Govt of UP letter No . 445/24-1-21/731 Date 05 -03-2021

Public Notice

Details of basic parameters (Public Notice as per Directions of Admittance Order)

Public hearing Puvvnl - 5 May 21

Admittance order of the Honorable UPERC

True up FY 2019-20, APR FY 20-21 and ARR FY 21-22 Puvvnl Petition

Advertisement for Selection to the Post of Technical Member Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Mirzapur

LoI to BCITS to do Billing in Azamgarh, Gorakhpur and Basti Zones

LoI to NSoft to do Billing in Prayagraj,Mirzapur and Varanasi Zones

Cancellation of Advertisement to Empanelment of Advocate in PuVVNL for High Court

Detail of Distribution Transformers Repaired in last 5 FY in PuVVNL

Inventory Status of Distribution Transformers and Meters in PuVVNL


Standard of Distribution Transformers Procured in PuVVNL


Standard of Single Phase & Three Phase Meter Procured in PuVVNL


Manual of Practicec for handling Customer Complaints (SoP Manual)

13th Amendment of ESC-2005 Conversion of Single Point to Multi Point Connection

Final Siniority List of Cheif Cadder OA-I/II/III OS as on Sept 2020

RAPDRP Town's BUNKARS List Entitled for Subsidy As per Addl. Chief Secretary, Hathkargha, Govt of U.P.


Non RAPDRP Town's BUNKARS List Entitled for Subsidy As per Addl. Chief Secretary, Hathkargha, Govt of U.P.


Approved vendor for purchasing cable.


CSR Policy


UPERC-Rooftop Solar PV Grid Interaction Systems Gross/Net Metering Regulation












Announcement: OTS for LMV-1, LMV-2 (Upto 5 KW) and LMV-5 is effective from 01.06.2022 to 30.06.2022

TEHSIL HQ and NAGAR PANCHAYAT SUPPLY SCHEDULE w.e.f. 21-02-2021 to 31-03-2021

RURAL SCHEDULE w.e.f. 21-02-2021 to 31-03-2021


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