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Safety Guidelines

To keep your children safe :
  • Keep your children away from electrical equipment.
  • Never allow your children to play with electric appliances, tools or electric switchboards.
  • Your children should be asked to be very careful to never climb the trees that has power lines through or near the limbs. It may cause a danger of electrocution to anyone in or near the tree.
  • Never allow your children to fly kites, model airplanes or balloons near overhead power lines, with a wire or a wet string, even when the weather is fair. Ask them to leave the kite string when it gets caught in power lines and not try to remove the string from the lines.
  • keep your children stay away from transformer boxes that is not locked or put anything in any holes in them. This is as dangerous.
To keep your home safe :
  • Install clean & proper wiring.
  • Regular checkups should be done .
  • Always use three pin plugs with earthing. 
  • Use a main switch that's easy to use.
  • Use circuit breakers.
  • Keep lightning conductors ready in case lightning strikes.  
  • Never touch a switch with wet hands.
  • If something seems wrong with an appliance or tool, or it gives even the slightest shock, disconnect it. Have it repaired or discard it.
  • Always disconnect small appliances and tools before cleaning them.
  • To disconnect an appliance or tool, don't pull the cord; instead, grasp the plug and pull it from the switchboard.
  • Don't run extension cords under a carpet or flooring. Be sure that the size of your extension cord is adequate for the tool or appliance. Also don't overload a switchboard with too many plugs.
  • No one, neither a child -- nor an adult, can tell if an electric wire is off or on simply by looking at it. So, whenever near an electric wire or appliance, if you do not know for sure that it is off, you must treat it as being alive and possibly dangerous, even if you do not see that it is plugged-in.
  • Electric cords should never be warm when in use and should never show any wear or damage. This could cause a fire.
  • Any plug-in appliance should always be unplugged when it is not being used. Many people are injured and home fires started by leaving appliances plugged-in when not in use.
  • Most appliances, such as the television, need to have a free flow of air around them so they do not overheat and start a fire.
  • Never turn on an appliance when you are on a wet floor or in the bathtub or shower.
  • If you come upon an overhead power line that is low or lying on the ground, always assume that any one who touches it or comes near it will be killed. A low hanging wire, or one lying on the ground, can suddenly move some distance blown by wind or even from electricity in the wire itself. Always stay a good distance away.
  • Never touch or approach downed power lines. Always assume that downed wires are energised. Call CESC Emergency Depot immediately to report downed wires.
  • Keep ladders and other conductive objects away from electric lines. If you don't know whether an object is live -- play it safe, and assume that it is.
  • Don't use electric tools near water or in the rain.
  • Keep antennas and long-handled equipment away from power lines.
  • Be sure your electric tools are double insulated or have a three-pin plug.
  • Never enter a substation or fenced enclosure that surrounds electrical equipment. The fenced-off area is extremely dangerous.
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